Baltimore Sun Media poised to be acquired by locally owned nonprofit
What they're saying about the Baltimore Sun's return to local ownership...
Ted Venetoulis
Founding Member, Save Our Sun
“Stewart has stepped up to do this. He’s just a remarkable person, a civic activist who just wants to help the community. ... It’s great to have this coming to fruition, and you couldn’t have a better person for the city and really the whole state to be doing this.”
Liz Bowie
Baltimore Sun Reporter & Co-chair of the local unit of the Washington-Baltimore Press Guild
"If Mr. Bainum is successful in purchasing the Baltimore Sun Media Group, then we will be overjoyed... We have been campaigning for the past year for the sale of the Sun to local owners who have the best interests of Baltimore and Maryland at heart and will ensure this institution continues to tell the important stories of our community for the next two centuries.”
Brandon Scott
Mayor, Baltimore City
“In these times, local journalism is more important than ever. This news is a win for Sun employees and a more transparent, accountable Baltimore.”
Bill Ferguson
President, Maryland State Senate
"This is great news for the future of local media, and ensuring key reporting and transparency into the future."
Mike Ricci
Spokesperson, Governor Larry Hogan
“The Sun is a Maryland institution with a proud history, and an employer of hundreds of Marylanders. We wish the paper great success as it returns to being locally-owned, and continues to carry out the work of the free press.”
Donald Fry
CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee
“Nonprofit ownership of the Baltimore Sun and its affiliated media properties should relieve some of the financial pressure that metro news organizations have been under to stay profitable as the digital revolution continues to disrupt the business model. Hopefully, having a news organization with some Maryland ties will prove beneficial if it makes a strong commitment to dedicating adequate resources to covering local news aggressively.”
Rick Edmonds
Media business analyst for the Poynter Institute
“I think the nonprofit model, and I am biased because Poynter has been pioneers, opens added opportunities by making it much easier for other individuals and donors and foundations to make contributions. This can work.”
Dan Rodricks
Columnist, Baltimore Sun
"The news that Maryland businessman and philanthropist Stewart Bainum stepped up to purchase the Baltimore Sun and the other publications of the Baltimore Sun Media Group and run our news organization as a nonprofit is a potentially huge development... If the proposal gets final approval, the best scenario would leave us at some point better able to more comprehensively cover the news of the region and the nation with a larger staff of reporters, photographers and editors."
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