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Baltimore's paper should be in Baltimore.
The Save Our Sun campaign was launched in partnership with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, the NewsGuild-CWA, and a committee of media leaders to support efforts to return The Baltimore Sun to local ownership under a nonprofit model, reinvesting profit back into the paper that has been Maryland’s news source for nearly two centuries.

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Save Our Sun Committee

The Save Our Sun campaign was founded by a committee of media experts including: the sixth Baltimore County Executive Ted Venetoulis, President and CEO of the Goldseker Foundation Matthew Gallagher, Washington-Baltimore News Guild leaders, Founders of KO Public Affairs Damian O’Doherty and Steve Kearney, and a group of supporting community leaders.

Washington-Baltimore News Guild
The Washington-Baltimore News Guild is the legally recognized union for more than 2,600 news, information, and non-profit workers, including 85 employees at The Baltimore Sun. The Guild bargains contracts for and protects the rights of various workers throughout the news and information industry and labor-related organizations.

The NewsGuild-CWA is a labor union founded by newspaper journalists in 1933. In addition to improving wages and working conditions, its purpose is to fight for honesty in journalism and the news industry's business practices. Through commitment to open democratic function, the Guild fights for common interests: sustainable jobs, equality in the workplace, dignified working conditions, and the defense of ethical practices.