Baltimore Fishbowl: Baltimore Sun union agrees to permanent pay cuts, furloughs
May 1, 2020
Save Our Sun

The Baltimore Sun’s newsroom union agreed to permanent pay cuts for employees making $67,000 per year or more and to furloughs, two cost-cutting measures proposed by Tribune Publishing under the threat of layoffs, the union said.

The Baltimore Sun Guild, the newspaper’s unit within the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, said management was threatening to lay off five newsroom staffers next week.

“Our members were willing to make sacrifices in these troubling times to save their colleagues’ jobs,” the union said, later adding, “We care too much about our community and each other to let that happen right now.”

Under the agreement, employees making between $67,000 and $75,000 per year would take a 2 percent pay cut and those making $75,000 a year or more would take a 3 percent reduction. Both groups will also be furloughed for one week.

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