JMORE: Crossroads at The Sun
May 1, 2020
Save Our Sun

The Baltimore Sun now comes to a crossroads moment: all local efforts to buy the newspaper from the Chicago Tribune corporation, quietly conducted over the past dozen years, are now going public.

At stake is the very character of the 173-year-old Sun, whose dwindling circulation and advertising over the past decade have mirrored the decline of print publications across the United States.

“If a city loses its professional sports teams, it loses its spirit,” said Ted Venetoulis, former Baltimore County executive and newspaper and magazine publisher. “If a city loses its newspaper, it loses its soul. We fight to keep our ball clubs. It’s time to fight to keep our newspaper.”

Venetoulis and Abell Foundation President Bob Embry have attempted to buy The Sun for more than a decade. Now, their ongoing efforts are being complemented by a public campaign called Save Our Sun, organized by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild and the NewsGuild-CWA.

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