The Baltimore Sun: Former Baltimore County executive: The Sun needs local ownership
May 18, 2020
Save Our Sun

If a city loses its professional sports teams, it loses its spirit. If a city loses its newspapers, it loses its soul. We fight to keep our ballclubs. It’s time to fight to keep our newspaper.

Why should we care what happens to The Baltimore Sun? Think of what a newspaper tells us in the course of a day or a week: what’s happening to the school budget, who’s trying to sneak through zoning for a big development; what caused the traffic jam on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge; who won the last election and who’s running in the next one. How about exposing the corruption that led to the separate convictions of a Democratic mayor (Catherine Pugh) and governor (Marvin Mandel)? How about stirring civic pride by slamming a Republican president who called our city “rat infested”?

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