Baltimore Sun Media poised to be acquired by locally owned nonprofit
Save Our Sun
A New York-based hedge fund is seeking to obtain majority ownership of The Baltimore Sun. Alden Global Capital, also known as the "vampire hedge fund," has a long history of bleeding newspapers dry by cutting staff to the bone and selling off vital assets, all while pocketing the profits for themselves. We worry communities will lose essential watchdogs while the company maximizes profit.

We want to prevent this from happening here by bringing ownership of The Sun back to Baltimore. The Sun sets the standard for coverage of everything from local and state government to sports and the arts. The Sun has already lost hundreds of reporting and office jobs. We cannot stand by and allow our daily newspaper to be decimated.
Why A Locally Owned, Non-Profit Sun?
As a non-profit, The Baltimore Sun would join other legacy newspapers such as the Tampa Bay Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Salt Lake Tribune who continue to thrive.

Our local reporters, journalists, photographers, and office management teams will be able to do their jobs—without fear of repeated labor cuts. The Sun will be able to continue to provide the features its audience relies on – from restaurant guides to music reviews, from stories about girls’ lacrosse to neighborhood festivals, from profiles of community leaders to news of medical breakthroughs happening here in Maryland.

Most importantly, The Sun will also remain our public watchdog, dedicated to exposing government injustice and corruption. Freed from the pressure of corporate demand for profits, The Sun can focus on keeping state and local government accountable.

The Sun covers the news that unites us all. Local ownership will mean more resources to bring quality local news and journalism to our state.
What Can You Do?
Local foundations and supporters have the capital to take control of The Sun AND under this new ownership model, The Sun’s revenue can be used for its right purpose: reporting local news, not enriching financiers at the expense of The Sun's distinguished history and our vibrant region. All we need is for the hedge fund to sell it.

Join our campaign as well as the local ownership group by subscribing to our Join Us page and following along on social media. Let’s Save Our Sun!